Aroma King VAPE | Vanilla | 700+ Puffs | 20mg Nicotine salt

Aroma King VAPE | Vanilla | 700+ Puffs | 20mg Nicotine salt

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Aroma King Vape Vanilla 700 puffs 20mg Nicotine salt

Flavour: Vanilla

Features & Package Contents:: 

  • Disposable Vaping Pod
  • Buttonless operation - just inhale
  • Blue LED light
  • Fully charged 550mAh
  • 2ml capacity
  • 700 puffs
  • Made in the EU
  • 20mg NICOTINE Salt



  • Vegatable glycerine 50%
  • Propylene Glycol 50%
  • Natural flavors



This product contains the highly addictive substance nicotine. Its use is not recommended for non-smokers. If the device tastes burnt it should be discarded immediately. 

The display ban for the e-cigarette products is effective January 1, 2021 and therefore we are no longer allowed to show product photos on the webshop. If you want more info e.g. product pictures please feel free to contact us.

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